CTP (computer to plate system)

In 2011 we purchased two of the most modern systems of CTP;

-       The Kodak Magnus 800 Platesetters –  squerspot Imaging Technology with the speed 30 plates per hour, a modular design for easy scaleability and various plate options.

-       The Kodak Trendsetter 800 Platesetters – which can produce 17 plates per hour.

The Platesetters are fitted with the optional 10 micron Kodak Staccato Screening and Maxtone, which delivers photorealistic results.  These results must be seen to be believed.

This equipment guarantees that even the smallest of pictures will be sharp and crisp.

The Mangus 800 Platesetteris are tightly integrated with Kodak Workflow Solutions.  This allows maximum control and flexibility with minimal time wastage. 

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Cardboard boxes


We can make flat and corrugated cardboard boxes. Our advanced folding line has 6 gluing points – adapted to an automatic packing line.

We offer many refining techniques and produce secured and hidden labels.



We produce exceptionally high quality catalogues which may be stitched, stapled, or glued, in many different types of covers. 

Our publications are fully coloured. The text is always legible, there is never blur.  Even in the smallest picture or text. 

Brochures, Leaflets


We offer all kind of leaflets. 

Up to a pattern folding in 7 points.

We are willing to accept special orders – any refinement, shape and even non-standard requests.

Just trust us and we'll make it.


kalendarzeCalendars are one best advertising means for any business. Solidly made and great design are particular area of our expertise.

We offer an array of calendars form: Wall hanging, Desk, Diaries.

We will also produce any of your own design concepts.

Printing machines

kba 002

Thanks to using sheet feed offset we are able to print up to a B1 format with an “in-line” refine, with efficiency of up to 18 000 sheet per hour. 

KBA Rapida 106 is possibly the fastest machine in the world to print in B1 format.